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Master Teachers

Brief Description:

The position of lead preschool teacher consists of overseeing related learning activities that are designed to promote social, physical, emotional, cognitive and language growth. This role also includes supervising and teaching preschool students with love and passion, ensuring compliance with program requirements, assisting with parent education programs, and coordinating positive and meaningful communications with parents. In addition, master teachers will supervise student teachers.

Reporting Relationships:

The lead preschool teacher reports directly to the site director and oversees the development of student teachers and aids.


– Master teacher Certificate or BA or higher (does not have to be in ECE/CD) with 12 units of ECE/CD, plus 3 units supervised field experience in ECE/CD setting
– Must hold a current pediatric first aid care issued by the Red Cross, CPR certification, completed 16 hours of health, safety and nutrition training or attend trainings prior to school commencing.
– Current on all vaccines including TB, MMR, DTAP and the flu shot
– Fingerprint and background clearance


– Basic computer skills including using Word and Publisher
– Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records
– Problem solving skills
– Walking, standing, bending and carrying of small objects up to 50 pounds
– Arrive on time for work or contact the center when delayed
– Be reliable in attendance and give ample notice for absences
– Approach criticism with a learning attitude
– Communicate directly and avoid gossip
– Flexibility- The ability to adjust to and thrive in a complex and changing environment, handle setbacks and failures with Professionalism and candor. Effectively and appropriately respond in the face of adversity or conflict
– Demonstrate honesty, integrity and commitment to confidentiality
– Approach challenges with imagination and a sense of humor
– Create a welcoming, positive environment by:

  •  Being friendly, warm and affectionate
  • Using appropriate voice and tone
  • Actively engage with parents and visitors

– Excellent communication skills, verbal and written with parents and children
– Excellent classroom management skills and use of developmentally appropriate
– Ability to supervise and assist student teachers and student observers in the classroom
– Displays a positive and Christ-like attitude and personality in the classroom and with families, and has a genuine love and concern for the children in the center, and their families.

Preschool Daily Duties:

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts
2. Make sure class ipad is charged and ready for parent use
3. Have all materials ready for the day’s class
4. Make frequent use of wearing the center apron
5. Frequently count number of students for safety
6. Double check sign in sheets for signatures and notify office of parents who forgot to sign in
7. Conduct morning visual wellness checks
8. Give parents a short daily report using the Brightwheel system
9. NEVER leave any child unattended
10. Complete daily curriculum requirements
11. Plan and implement milestone photo opportunities


– Responsible for the planning and implementation of the approved curriculum. Including but not limited to:

  • Preparing typed lesson plans weekly in advance following the LLEA lesson plan format.
  • Having lesson plans and supplies readily available in the event a substitute is needed.
  • Arranging the physical environment of the home classroom
  •  Updating the readiness board for the beginning of each week
  •  Supporting the classroom activities such as in house fieldtrips, parent days and preschool events (graduation, musicals)

– Assimilating arriving children to the school environment by greeting them, helping them remove outerwear, and selecting activities that are of interest to them.
– Attending all staff meetings called by the director
– Making all requests for upgraded equipment, facility maintenance, or repair to school Admin
– Notifying the office as soon as possible when a substitute is needed and if possible arrange for your own substitute.
– Complete and turn in shift switch forms to admin
– Plan and attend the back to school picnic
– Write a handwritten welcome note to all classroom families prior to school commencing.
– Freely and frequently approach parents to welcome and discuss student growth.
– Complete the dailies on Brightwheel and send to parents at the close of each day
– Conducting parent/teacher conferences in both winter and spring to discuss student progress and initiate parent/teacher support

– Inform parents of illness and behavior incidents through filling out the appropriate
forms immediately and sending home.
– Create and distribute weekly newsletter to parents
– Conversating with students throughout the day in both structured and unstructured settings.
– The lead teacher shall be responsible for supervision of classroom activities. This shall include but is not limited to:

  • Utilizing parent helper, volunteer or student teacher and/or aid to their fullest
    extent by assigning specific responsibilities for the day. Lead teacher will participate in completing an evaluation of any aids
  • Supervising student teachers and student observers
  •  Leading students through the hallway using safe and age appropriate techniques on their way to the Discovery Lands
  • Promoting intentional play and discovery in each land that corresponds to
    concepts being learned in the curriculum.
  •  Organizing and leading activities designed to promote developmental growth

Record Keeping:
– These duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Posting a written schedule of daily activities, rules and guidelines that are
    pertinent to staff and parents
  • Posting the weekly lesson plan and newsletter for parents to have access to.
  •  Log any necessary experiences with parents in teacher binder.
  •  Checking original application/registration forms to note any special needs, fears, allergies, or other information and be aware of slated plans of action for meeting these specific needs.
  •  Taking and sending a daily photo of student or class on Brightwheel to parents
  •  Maintaining pictographic and portfolio files for each student for evaluation
  •  Evaluating and observing children performance and behavior in social, cognitive and physical health.

– The lead teacher will follow the centers agreed upon policy for discipline.
– Encourage enforcement of rules for behavior in the class
Other Duties:
– The teacher shall fulfill other duties as deemed necessary by the Director. Including but not limited to:

  • Updating classroom boards every new theme
  • Correcting any items found to be out of compliance in the Title 22 check list
  •  Maintaining clean, safe and sanitary classroom and discovery rooms

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