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– Educational Program

  • Provide expert training on schools philosophy and programming.
  •  Regularly attend trainings/conferences and read journals to keep up to date on current development findings and administrative growth
  • Review weekly lesson plans and newsletters
    – Family Partnerships:
  •  Responds promptly and appropriately to parent concerns, involving teachers,staff and support professionals as needed

          – Staffing:

  •  Hire, train, mentor and supervise all staff. Including
  •  Recruiting and interviewing prospective employees
  •  Providing an orientation for new staff
  •  Ensuring proper scheduling to stay within child ratios
  •  Provide support and scaffolding to teachers through spending time in the classrooms and supporting new strategies implemented
  •  Work with teachers on understanding and implementing documentation
    as a part of their work day
  •  Work with preschool staff on learning about and implementing increased technology for communication, mainly the BrightWheel system
  •  Scheduling and documenting regular staff meetings
  •  Conducting written performance reviews for all staff annually

       – Record Keeping:

  •  Maintain personnel files and professional development records of preschool

        – Budget Oversight:

  • Create the annual budget and monitor expenses monthly

        – Physical Environment:

  • Work with teachers in incorporate developmentally appropriate inspirations
    throughout the facility
  • Supervise use of physical space for cleanliness and safety
  •  Provide an attractive and welcoming environment that promotes love, safety
    and student created projects

    – Auxiliary Professionals:

  • Coordinate preschool classroom placement of practicum students, volunteers, observers and researchers. Provide oversight to assure that these experiences are positive ones for the auxiliary professionals and that LLEA continues to be recognized as a high-quality program in the external community.

Team Centered Responsibilities:
Team Leadership:
– Actively plan regularly scheduled staff meetings to address programming, health and safety, facilitate, operations, human resources, or other concerns.
– Keep staff appraised of professional development opportunities, revisions of policy or procedures, and personnel changes through written or electronic communications.

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